Perth artists Renae Coles and Anna Dunnill first started working together in 2012 when they ran Paper Mountain gallery and studios side by side for 2.5 years. At that point batons changed hands and the pair resigned from their managerial duties and began making art together as Snapcat. Their work is ambitious, cheeky and political and involves painting, sculpture, video and participatory performance. They are currently researching women and sport while heading up feminist bike gang The Lightning Furies. Previous projects include The End of Things (Fremantle Art Centre), which saw the duo build two boats and ceremoniously sail down a river, and Tiny Parades (Perth Public Art Foundation commission), a series of five public processions that ranged in tone from a mournful protest to a joyous jubilee. Their collaborative practice privileges colour, spectacle, cross-media art forms and a do-it-yourself attitude. Snapcat are currently artists in residence at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Art in Perth.

Anna Dunnill

A graduate of Curtin University and Central Institute of Technology, Anna has previously exhibited at Firstdraft (NSW), PICA, Fremantle Arts Centre, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, and Paper Mountain, among others. She has undertaken residencies at PICA, Fremantle Arts Centre and Central Institute of Technology, and is a current resident at CIA (Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts). Her work has been published in Runway, The Toast, Art Guide, BIG Kids Magazine, The Cottonmouth Anthology and others. Anna is a co-founder and former co-director of Paper Mountain.

Renae Coles

Renae Coles graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2009 with a BA in Visual Art. Since then she has undertaken a host of projects including: a PICA residency (2009), a JUMP Mentorship (2012), Proximity Festival (2012), DADAA’s inaugural WA/UK Artist Exchange program (2012) and her solo exhibition, Climb (free range gallery, 2013). Renae was a member of Paper Mountain's inaugural board of directors and is currently the Communications Manager at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.